Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to help emerging cities move faster by building the largest transport and mobility data platform on the African continent

Emerging cities across Africa are undergoing rapid urbanization and are overwhelmed by informal public  transport  networks,  which  are  unmapped,  unregulated  and  responsible for endemic congestion, high mortality rates and deleterious carbon emissions.  Data-driven tools are severely lacking in which to plan efficient public transport and urban dwellers are hamstrung by the lack of navigation tools. Due to the lack of GPS in these vehicles, the African continent remains the last place on earth without accurate digital transport route maps or significant use of mobile transport applications.

Developed by a team at the University of Oxford, Routemasters was specifically founded to develop pragmatic transport navigation and management solutions that are specially configured to the demands of African cities. With strong backgrounds in transport engineering, applied maths, data science, and design thinking, we are exclusively devoted to bringing transformative, impactful, and sustainable urban transport solutions to Africa.

Our technology solution utilizes applied mathematics to earth observation, GNSS, telematics, and other uniquely derived datasets to build digital route maps and accurately deliver journey times and modes for city planning tools and mobile navigation applications for consumers.

We are proudly supported by the European Space Agency BIC Harwell, Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology (SPRINT) and University of Oxford OSSC, are project partners with METEOR at Space Park Leicester, have won numerous awards from the likes of McKinsey, and are actively engaged with Telecoms and Transport Agencies across the continent